Breaking The Stigma Around Bipolar | Kelly Morgans

Breaking The Stigma Around Bipolar | Kelly Morgans

In this episode of Women Rock, Alicia and Kelly discuss Kelly's recent bipolar disorder diagnosis and the need for more awareness and understanding of the condition 🫶

They explore the challenges of misdiagnosis, the importance of early intervention, and the coping strategies that have been helpful for Kelly. They also touch on the stigma and misconceptions surrounding bipolar disorder and the need for better support from employers and the healthcare system. Kelly shares her plans to create a well-being plan and a book to help others navigate their own journeys with bipolar disorder

Some key takeaways

💚 Early intervention and accurate diagnosis are crucial for individuals with bipolar disorder to receive the appropriate support and treatment.

💚 Coping strategies such as meditation, journaling, and exercise can be beneficial for managing symptoms and promoting well-being.

💚 There is still a stigma surrounding bipolar disorder and a lack of understanding, highlighting the need for more awareness and education.

💚 Employers can play a role in supporting employees with bipolar disorder by creating a supportive and inclusive work environment.

💚 Individuals should trust their instincts and seek further evaluation if they suspect they may have a neurodivergent condition.

💚 More resources and information are needed to help individuals navigate their journey with bipolar disorder and other neurodivergent conditions

Thank you so much Kelly for sharing your story, we hope it reaches folk it needs to.