South West Test - Chat GPT Powered Learning & Testing in Extended Reality

South West Test - Chat GPT Powered Learning & Testing in Extended Reality

Ultraleap - Glass Wharf · Bristol

Pop the 13th June in your diary as we have the awesome folk over at Ultraleap hosting us whilst we chat about all things test.

We have 2 talks lined up for you, how we can use Chat GPT to upskill in the latest tech and tools in testing, and testing in Extended Reality, plus of course, the all important pizza and drinks 🍕

Our meetups are open to absolutely anyone with an interest in Software Testing, whether you are just getting started, a seasoned QA, or a Developer keen to learn more. Many people come on their own and we make sure the evening is as friendly and welcoming as possible 💚

Here’s how the evening tends to run,

Feel free to turn up from 6pm. We'll have a selection of pizza, soft drinks & alcoholic drinks available, all free of charge thanks to Ultraleap 💛 Grab a slice, mingle with our friendly crowd, and make some new connections. If you need an introduction, just grab our organiser Sam, or dive right in and say "hello!"

Around 6:30 we will then move on to our talks.

Talk 1: Dan Phillips, Unlocking Personalized Learning: A Practical Guide to Harnessing ChatGPT for Effective Study Plans in Testing

There has been lots of focus and discussion around the impact of developments in AI, Machine learning and LLMs (large language models) recently.

This talk is a bit different in that it's a practical demonstration of how to get an effective, personalised study plan from the ChatGPT (or any other similar LLM)- using Selenium as an example but applicable to any test tool/technology stack or topic. This should be relevant to anyone who needs to keep on top of the constant changes in our industry, and will introduce an approach to take advantage of the advances in LLMs to support your ongoing professional development.

Talk 2: Jack Proudman & Greg Walker: From testing on the Web to XR: what we've learned.

Extended Reality (XR) provides unique interactive experiences that differ significantly from those offered by web and mobile applications.

Over the past couple of years, we have had headsets strapped to our faces, flailing our arms around as we test in XR. In this talk we are going to share the challenges we've faced and the lessons we've learned throughout this journey.

The event is open to all:

Please do share the meetup details with your friends, workmates or anyone who you think would love to attend.

If you want to join us over on Slack - Please feel free to do so:

We also have a new meetup Instagram account

And, you can also check us out on Twitter ( -

Feel free to reach out to our organiser Sam if you would like to get involved in hosting or speaking at a future meetup



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