Managing Stress | Kelly

Managing Stress | Kelly

Luckily, there are so many ways out there now that we can combat stress. Around 50% of consumers now report wellness as a top priority in their day-to-da life, this is a significant rise from the 42% in 2020 and highest it's has been since the pandemic,as this has become a key core focus for people. The moment we were all forced to slow down became super significant. 

We all have stress of some sort… and it can look different from person to person with regards to what they would categorise as stress. 

Here’s how we can help manage it:



Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If I don’t have a week plan / day plan, I don’t get as much done and the to-do list piles up, I miss stuff and I forget stuff. This helps prevent day to day stress for me and ensures my days run as smoothly as possible, with room for any reactive meetings that need to occur or responding to different situations such as running training sessions or helping a more junior consultant with a query for example. This is an essential part of my role and if I didn’t plan, I wouldn’t have time for this. 


This is a must for me. That's 1-2 hours a day where I go on walks (I try to get at least 1 in nature per day as it keeps me grounded!!) and my training sessions which I complete. Exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever, being active boosts feel-good endorphins as well as distract you from any daily worries. If you have something you are working towards with your fitness / exercise too and you have a plan in place, you keep the goal in mind, zone in and switch the rest of the world out.


Yep. I’m a spiritual lover sun worshipping one of them kind of gals… being mindful and any mindfulness techniques such as meditation helps us navigate stress with more ease and resilience. Try it! My favourite is the Great Meditation channel on YouTube, it’s free. Meditation doesn’t only help relieve stress, but it also helps you change your reaction to it. It’s key to keeping you grounded and I notice if I haven’t taken the time to meditate when trying to focus.

Take breaks

These can help prevent stress and help maximise productivity, if you plan these into your day effectively. Taking breaks helps calm your central nervous system and it’s also said that we can’t focus for longer than 2 hours at a time - take a break!

Listening to music or a podcast 

I have almost always got music in my ears when I’m not talking to clients or candidates on the phone. Putting your favourite tune on can help you feel positive and optimistic about life,  whilst slow music helps quiet your mind and relax your muscles. Free therapy :)

Making time to unwind

Planning your downtime is important - otherwise you won’t get any! 

Do something you love

Sometimes, if you’ve had a belting day and got what you need to do done, it’s best to carry on and crack through those errands. On the other hand, if you’ve had a super stressful day, arrange to meet a friend, make a phone call etc. and abort your day. You’ll feel so much better after!

Talk to someone 

Probably one of the most important! Share the load. A problem shared is a problem halved and there’s nothing worse than being in your own head. Chances are, the person you speak to can help you manage your stress or give you different strategies to do so.


Write down all your feelings, in the moment, post moment or when you get a minute. Take a break and come back, just keep the pen flowing and you’ll feel so much better after!

By Kelly Morgans


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